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Preferred Physiotherapy Providers.

The clinic has developed professional relationships with chartered physiotherapists in all areas of South Wales. The physiotherapists have either worked and trained under Mr. Kulkarni or he has complete confidence in their specialist skills in treating shoulder and elbow problems. They include



Mrs. Clare Connor

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist MCSP MSc MSOM



Clare trained at Manchester University and qualified in 1995. She is experienced in treating a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions and uses a number of treatment approaches that are influenced by the needs of each individual. These include joint and soft tissue mobilisation, muscle balancing exercises, postural re-education and acupuncture.

Clare has a special interest in shoulder and elbow conditions and works closely with Mr Kulkarni in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of people with shoulder and elbow pathology. Clare won the prestigious national BESS fellowship and has recently been awarded a MS

Mr. Richard Coates


Mr. Hywel Griffiths


Since graduating from Bath University with a BSc (Honours) in Physiotherapy, Hywel Griffiths has been working in a variety of clinical settings, both in the UK and New Zealand, prior to becoming the founder director of Therapyworks Ltd, a successful Chartered Physiotherapy Practice in 1998. Hywel has since also been involved as physiotherapist for elite sporting teams around the globe and is also currently National Physiotherapist to the Welsh Rugby Union. In 2006, Hywel founded Therapyworks Franchising Ltd, an organisation offering physiotherapists the opportunity to develop their own Therapyworks practice with the guidance and support of TFL’s support structure. Further to this Hywel completed his MSc in Sport & Exercise Medicine and is now a lecturer and an examiner.


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Mr. Rhys Shorney

Ms. Karen Fuller

Mrs Shani Williams


St Joseph’s Physiotherapy Team



Physiotherapy is housed in brand new premises, incorporating a state of the art hydrotherapy pool, and was opened in December 2004. The department is staffed by well qualified and experienced chartered physiotherapists led by Chris Discombe. The team provides treatment for a diverse range of musculo-skeletal problems including shoulders and elbows.

To make a direct appointment please ring the department on 01633 820321







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