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This section of the site is dedicated to providing a comprehensive information service for patients. You can find detailed information about the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders. The surgery and anaesthesia sections give an overview details about the risks. The glossary is helpful if you unsure of any terms used on the website.


The purpose of this knowledge base is to enable a patient to have the best understanding of firstly the conditions they are suffering from and secondly the techniques used to alleviate them. The information has been carefully planned from a patient perspective and will not blind you with science. Many of the sections will be animated soon in some form or another.


If you are unsure of your diagnosis please click on self diagnosis to be informed of what to read.

If you know what your diagnosis is click on shoulder and elbow disorders and select the appropriate condition


NEW! for medical professionals Diagnosis of the shoulder PDF


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Common Shoulder Conditions


Common Elbow Conditions


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The self diagnosis and information sections are to be used only as a generic guide.They are not meant to replace or substitute a consultation.