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Anterior shoulder stabilisation (Bankart repair and capsular shift)


May involve soft tissue or bony reconstruction

Physiotherapy aims to improve glenohumeral and scapular stability as range of movement is gradually increased. For return to a good level of function and sporting activities it is important to address the proprioceptive functioning of the shoulder complex.

Day 1

Polysling and body belt

Keep arm in internal rotation and adduction

Elbow, radioulnar, wrist and hand exercises

Pendular exercises into flexion, no abduction


Day 2 and up to 3 weeks

Continue pendular exercises

Isometric abduction and external rotation

At 3 weeks

Passive flexion, no abduction or external rotation

At 4 weeks

Begin weaning out of sling.

Gentle ADL

Scapular setting

Active assisted movements progressing to active movements as pain and strength allow

Early proprioceptive work e.g. upper limb weight bearing through a ball and rhythmic stabilisations in 4 point kneeling

At 6 weeks

Start stretching

Begin abduction and external rotation but not as a combined movement

Start strengthening work

Progress proprioceptive rehab

At 3 months

Abduction and external rotation can be combined

Can return to sport if good power and range.


At 6 months

Return to contact sports







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